Exhibitions & Talks

Beyond my initial series of writings, I’ve arranged a few public exhibitions including talks to further iterate on the ideas I originally conceived around the whole concept of Consequence Design. Since I originally coined the term in 2018 or so, I’ve been continually iterating on the concept.

In 2023, I organized an exhibition talk & site called A Parliament of Neighbors that asks us to interrogate what we think about community.

In 2022, I hosted a live event at Pacific Northwest College of Art for the Portland Design Festival called “The Designers Share of the Problem” where we spent some time responding to prompts posted around the room on the designer’s role in inflicting design harm.


In 2021, I spoke at IxDA Oslo on the Designers Share of the Problem for the first time

In 2020, I gave my first public consequence design talk at DonutJS called “Defense Against Dark Patterns”

When I first started, I gave a few talks that aren’t recorded (or weren’t recorded for public consumption) but in 2020, I did a long interview with Oliver Lindberg on the topic of Consequence Design. I also did two podcasts (Technically Speaking & Thought Feeder) earlier in the year that also expanded on my thinking.

What kinds of topics are you thinking?

I’ve been tweeting about things like friction, harm, and respecting users. Lately, I’ve been thinking about a quote I heard from someone that say “experience as an externality of service” and I’m really enjoying unpacking that. Lots of smart people are talking about things like ethics, AI, and integrity. I appreciate their work a lot, and I want to ensure that I’m contributing to this canon in a meaningful way.