About Consequence Design

Consequence Design is a speculative design art exhibition by Ron Bronson.



I’ve been working on the concept around Consequence Design for the last few years. Through events, a website with initial writings, and a bevy of talks around the world, I’ve been iterating on these ideas. AI, generative art & sites like Chat GPT are rapidly showing up in everyday experiences faster than policymakers and everyday people can keep up.

Much of my dialogue about consequence design has been amplifying the need to acknowledge the harm & risks to everyday people that can be wrought — even unwittingly — from deploying unproven tech onto the real world without an iota of consideration for who will be impacted.

This latest Consequence Design project leverages speculative design & design fiction to imagine real and fantastical scenarios that AI can bring to experiences that used to be everyday interactions.

I’ll continue to add ideas over time, but feel free to reach out to me via email — ron [at] ronbronson.com to talk more about things you’ve seen here, or you’re interested in having me talk about your events, want to interview me & or are just nosy and want to know how I’m prompt engineering some of these scenarios.

Unless otherwise indicated, I’m mostly using Midjourney for the art on this site. Occasionally, I’ve leveraged other tools like Fulljourney, Chat GPT, and other tools if they’re useful.


Writing Database


A Parliament of Neighbors

May 13, 2023

Description of a live event I hosted in Portland in May 2023 around what it means to be a neighbor, as part of the Chimaera kunsthalle at Lloyd Center Mall.

Liminal UX

March 1, 2020

Part of the Consequence Design Series

The Erosion of Trust

October 1, 2021

Part of the Consequence Design Series

Policy Harm

August 1, 2020

Part of the Consequence Design series

The Designer’s Share of the Problem (IxDA Oslo)

December 2, 2021

Written talk notes from my presentations at IxDA Oslo in Nov 2021 in Oslo, Norway

What is Consequence Design

April 1, 2019

The initial piece I wrote about Consequence Design

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